In every calendar year, ABCOF runs short training/courses, workshops and seminars to improve the human capital and enhance professional capacity of member cooperatives. The courses are well planned and tailored to meet general and specific need as well as aspirations of registered cooperative societies, Exco Members, Financial Secretaries, Treasurer, cooperative Managers, Accounts Staff, selected members, representatives of cooperative societies and individual members etcetera.

Under-listed are the training courses on offer:

* Introduction to Co-operative Studies
* Cooperative Management
* Cooperative Accounting
* Leading And Managing Cooperative Societies for higher performance
* Conflict Management in Cooperative Societies
* Soya Beans Processing ( Milk, Yoghurt and Source ) in conjunction with RMRDC
* Fundamentals of Integrated Farming
* Fish Farming
* Animal Feed/Feed Processing
* Poultry Farming
* Introduction to Cooperative Studies
* Animal Feed/Feed Processing
*Soap Production
* Mushroom Farming & Export Potentials
* Interior Decoration
* Fashion Designing/Tailoring
* Home Bread/Cake Baking
* Laundry and Dry Cleaning
* Savings and Credit Management
* Dry Season Vegetable Farming
* Piggery
* Snail Farming
* Cream Production
* Block And burnt Brick Production

N:B - All courses are run in conjunction with the office of the Chief Registrar of Co-operatives FCT. All farming related courses include practical and farm visits. Cooperative Society may nominate as many participants as possible for each course Introduction to Cooperative Studies ( ICS ) is recommended for all registered cooperative societies. All bookings and payments should be in Bank Draft or cash ( in advance ) directly to ABCOF.